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Recruiting FAQ's

Question: How Do I Become a Distributor?

Answer:  You can purchase one of two demo kits in order to start your business.

Question: How much does it cost and what’s in it?

Answer: It’s not a “cost” but rather an investment.  You will own all of the products in your kit.  You are buying products, not paying a fee.  The kits are as follows:

Kit 1 ($450) contains a wide variety of products including lotions, lubricants, games and toys valuing $1,000.  When you purchase or earn this kit, your sales commission is 45%, HOWEVER, when your retail sales for the month exceed $1,000 your commission jumps to 50% for that month!

Kit 2 ($250) contains a smaller selection of products than Kit 1, but it will still equip you with a variety of lotions, lubricants, and a smaller selection of toys valuing $500. With Kit 2, your sales commission is 45%, HOWEVER, when your retail sales for the month exceed $1,000 your commission jumps to 50% for that month!

Question: What specifically comes in my kit?

Answer: The current hot selling products.  We don’t give you anything that we’re thinking of discontinuing.  We have some products that have been top sellers and will stay top sellers for years such as Nympho Cream, Sex 5th Ave., Silky Sheets, Body Dew Oil, Coochy Shave Cream, and the Regular Silver Bullet.  Those will definitely be in your kit.  There will also be a variety of bullets, games, massage stuff, books, and toys.  Catalogs, company pens, thank you postcards, and black bags for merchandise are also included in your kit at no cost.

Question: What is a Buying Discount?

Answer: Your buying discount is the discount you receive when you purchase retail merchandise to sell.  You buy merchandise at a discount and sell it at full price, so the difference is your profit.

Question: Will my Buying Discount ever be less than 45%?

Answer: No.

Question: Are there any Requirements?

Answer: You must purchase $500 per year in retail merchandise to remain an active distributor.  You must deliver your merchandise to the hostess or customer within 3 business days of receiving it.

To receive a recruiting bonus you must order $500.00 retail merchandise per month.  If you do not purchase $500.00 retail merchandise, you will not be eligible for your bonus for that month.

Question: Are there Bonuses?

Answer: Yes, explained below.

Retail Sales Bonus- When your retail sales exceed $1,000 for the month you will receive an extra 5%  discount.  You will receive the added 5% in a gift certificate the following month to purchase products or promotional products.

Recruiting Bonus - This plan provides an incentive for you to help other women become FGO distributors.  You receive a percentage of their sales as shown in the chart below.  Your sales also count toward your Group Sales.  Let your representatives make money for you!

Active Recruits must do a PV (personal volume) of $150.00/month. Lioness level starts to qualify you for a car bonus with $1,500 PV.

Question: Will I have My Own Website?

Answer: Yes, for a very small yearly fee you can choose a domain name (i.e. and it will be forwarded to the main site where sales will be tracked. Details:

· $25 per YEAR (not per month like most companies!) subject to change

· 25% commission on internet sales received via monthly check.

· No Processing or Shipping – Company processes and ships all internet orders on the next business day via Priority Mail in discreet packaging.

· Hassle Free Site – Company takes care of set up, site maintenance, product and price changes, etc.

· No Extra Fees – No set up fees or other charges to you.

· Choose your own easy to remember domain name (i.e.,,, etc.)

Question: Am I Required to Have a Website?

Answer: No. But we highly recommend that you do for several reasons:

· Customers can remember a website name more easily than a phone number.

· Since our business is comprised of personal products, some customers feel more comfortable making private purchases via the internet.

· Most parties are “women only” so you need a way for men to be able to see the products and order also.

· Happy party guests will tell friends and family about the great products they purchased and encourage them to buy the same products via the website.

Customers that may not have shown up at your party can see and compare products on your website.

Question: How can I pay for my kit?

Answer: Cash, Money Order/Cashiers Check, or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express).  Sorry, FGO does not accept personal checks.

Question: Do I have to get a business license?

Answer: We encourage you to get one in the city that you’ll be doing most of your business in.  FGO does not require that you have a business license to become a representative however most cities require you to have one and could fine you if you’re caught operating without one.  It is your responsibility.

Question: What about taxes?

Answer: There are two taxes that you will need to handle:

Sales Tax: We will help you get set up with a sales tax account if you are in TN. If you choose to not get a sales tax account with the state, FGO will have to charge you sales tax on the full retail price of the merchandise you purchase.  If you do get a sales tax account (as most of us do) then you collect sales tax from your customers then turn it over to the state monthly or quarterly. If you request help, we will help you fill out the forms. But, we do not monitor your sales tax account so ultimately it is your responsibility to remember to pay them.

Federal Taxes/Income Taxes: The profit that you earn on your sales must be reported as income to the IRS.  You have to pay income tax on it just as you would if it were a normal 9-5 job.  Since FGO does not pay you (your customers do) you will NOT receive any tax documents from us (W2, 1099misc., etc.) for your regular sales.  FGO will send you a 1099misc for Recruiting Bonuses if is over $600 for the year.

Question: How do I get parties?

Answer: Start with asking everyone you know if they will have a party to help you get started. You should really try to get the guests at these parties to book parties with you and keep the chain of “parties from parties” going for as long as you can. That’s the easiest way to get parties.  You should also pass out business cards to everyone you come in contact with.  Even if they don’t want to have a party, they may know of someone who does.  Another way to get party leads is to work the booth at the special shows and events we attend.  We usually have a drawing for a basket full of products and use the entry forms as party leads.  Basically, you are responsible for getting your own parties but it’s not hard if you put a little effort into it.

Question: Is there a dress code?

Answer: Yes. Business casual. This means nice pants or skirt and a nice shirt or blouse or a dress. Just look nice. Sloppy or grungy is not acceptable. Holes in anything, old tshirts, jeans, etc. are not acceptable. You need to look professional, responsible, and trustworthy. Ask your recruiter if you have any questions about your attire.  Oh, and you have to bathe and brush your teeth, and comb your hair, too.  We ask so much…

Question: Can I have a partner?

Answer: Yes.  Just know that the company will not get involved in any disputes between you and your partner.

Question: How do I get merchandise for parties?

Answer: Unless you start out with stock, which most reps don’t, you’ll take orders at your parties and collect their money.  You will place an order on the rep website for the merchandise you need for them.  Then you will cash out their checks and bring cash or your credit card to FGO to pay for the merchandise they bought.  You will be buying the merchandise at a discounted rate so the difference would be your profit.  FGO is NOT open on Sundays so be sure to tell your Saturday night customers that they will receive their merchandise on or after Monday.

Question: After I sign up, am I on my own? Who do I call if I have questions?

Answer: You are never left stranded.  We have a very strong support team in our company.  Your recruiter should be your primary source of help. She is making a small commission off your sales and should be your first contact.  If your recruiter can not help you then you call her recruiter.  Just go up the chain of command until you get the help you need. Phone numbers for all the reps are available on the rep website. You will have access to the rep website after you sign up.

Question: How do I get business cards?

Answer: You can purchase a box of 1,000 for about $20.00 from FGOs supplier  You only need to supply the information you’d like printed on the card and the company will create it and send it in for processing.  You can order the cards from the rep website under Rep Supplies. The cards will go directly to your mailing address unless you want to pick them up at the FGO office.

Question: How do I get onto the Rep Website?

Answer: After you get your kit, you will be given the username and password to access the site.  We do not give out this information until after you sign up.  The rep website has links to everything we use for our business as well as all the forms you’ll need for hostess packets, etc.

Question: Who pays the Hostess Credit?

Answer: Hostess Credit comes out of your profit but it isn’t as much as it seems.  If they earned $30 of free merchandise from a $300 party, you will buy it from FGO for $16.50 (assuming you get 45% off).  It’s not a lot to give away.

Question: Can I sell outside of parties?

Answer: Yes! You can sell it where ever and how ever you wish.  We just ask that you look professional when you do it.  Some ideas of places to sell would be flea markets, small shops, hair places, bridal stores, vendor booths, bridal shows, home shows, etc.

Question: Do I have to come to the monthly sales meetings if I am a Local Representative?

Answer: No, but you’ll miss out on deeply discounted demo products, motivation, and lots of laughter.  We strongly encourage you to attend.  Time and place will be announced. There is no charge to attend the meetings however we usually have them at a restaurant and you will be responsible for your dinner and/or drinks.

Question: Does my recruiter make money off me?

Answer: Yes.  The company pays recruiting incentives up to 5% depending on group sales and number of active recruits.  This does NOT come out of your profit, the company pays it.

Question: How do I get paid?

Answer: Your customers pay you up front for the merchandise they want.  You buy it from the company for a discounted price and you keep the difference.

Question: How are the bonuses paid?

Answer: We give gift certificates that are equivalent to cash and are good for merchandise on the website.  You can choose to buy stock with your bonuses or pay for party merchandise with them.

Question: Do I have to travel?

Answer: No, this is your business and you can go where you please.  We encourage you to go as far as you’re comfortable with so that we can spread FGO all over the U.S..  If your family or friends in other states will have a party for you then your part of the trip would be a tax write off.  Ask your tax adviser for more details on exactly what is allowed to be written off.

Question: How do I take credit cards?

Answer:  Square-up is who we recommend.  Once you get your account and process the customer transactions, they will deposit your payments into the checking account of your choice.  It does not have to be a business account.  The rep website has more detailed information on how to get set up to take credit cards.

Question: What if I just want to do internet sales and not do parties?

Answer: You can be an Internet Rep for a setup fee of $75. Each year after that, the standard $25 per year website fee applies.  You will make 25% commission on your sales.  FGO will take care of shipping the merchandise to the customers and maintain the website.  You simply advertise your websites address and we will do the rest.

Question: Other than my kit, what else is required to get started?

Answer: Your kit is the only required purchase to become a rep.  However, we strongly suggest that you invest in the following items as soon as possible:

Gold contact labels for products – $10-$15

Business cards – $20 for 1,000 from FGO or buy your own

Website – $25 per year

Customer Folders/Notebooks to hold catalog, order form, and pen at parties – about $0.25 each at office supply stores

Datebook/Calendar – Download, print off, and have binding put on a custom calendar available on our website, or buy your own. You don’t want to forget about a party!

Separate phone line/cell phone for your business so your family doesn’t receive any crazy calls and your children don’t answer your business calls.  We suggest a cell phone so you can always have it with you.

Answering machine/voice mail so you don’t miss important calls from customers or another rep.

Question: Do I have to have a computer?

Answer: No, but we encourage you to because email is our primary source of contacting one another and your orders should be placed online if at all possible.  Book keeping is much simpler on a computer than keeping paper records.  We also have all the forms you’ll need for your business stored on the rep website.  It may or may not be possible to access our site from a public computer like the ones at the library since we have adult content and some places block those sites.

Question: Do I HAVE to participate in extra events like the Southern Women's Show?

Answer: No, this is your business and you can work as much or as little as you wish as long as you meet your yearly minimum of $500 retail.  We strongly encourage you to participate in extra events such as the flea markets and Southern Womens Show because we give away party leads based on the time you spend working the booth.  These leads could be worth several hundred dollars each.  This is an easy way to get leads!

Question: If you give me a party is there a fee?

Answer:  That is up to the person giving you the party.  They have every right to charge a finders fee and you have every right to accept or refuse the party lead.  You don’t have to take a party that someone is trying to give you. Most parties that we give away do not have fees.  Some reps outside of TN have an agreement with the rep giving them the parties to pay a fee to help cover the expense of the advertising that got them that lead in their state.

Question: Do we charge the customer a fee to do a party?

Answer:  That is your choice.  Some reps do not charge any fees.  Some charge a deposit that is refunded if the party has guest sales in excess of $200 retail.  Some charge a flat $50 or $100 fee regardless of party sales.  It is completely up to you.  You can choose to charge only for certain days of the week, like Friday and Saturday night and not on Sunday through Thursday.  This is your business and you make those rules.

Question: Do I have to invest in/carry stock?

Answer: No, but it sure does drive up your sales!  Look at the top sellers in our company and look at whether or not they have stock and how much stock.  Customers will buy much more if they can take it with them immediately.

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