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FAQs about Becoming an Adult Home Party Rep


Become a Home Party Representative Today! 

Why FGO?  What's in my kit? How much will I earn? CLICK HERE to see these answers and many more in our FAQ section before you sign up to do adult home parties.

Sign up Form & Kit Purchase



Call 1-901-386-6922 for further details on becoming a representative. A $25.00 Shipping and Handling Fee will be added to your credit card when purchasing a kit.  Signing up is a 2 step process:


Once your order has been submitted, you will be sent an email asking you to fill out an online form with the information below.  We do not share this information with anyone.  It is only used for internal legal and tax purposes.  Your kit will not be shipped until we receive the form with your info.  

Step 2: CLICK HERE to COMPLETE THE ONLINE FORM. It will ask you for the following information:

Date of Birth:______________

Social Security No:____________

Drivers License # ____________

State Issued:___________

Home Phone:_______________ Work Phone:________________ Cell Phone:_________________ Fax Number:______________ Cell Phone Provider _________________

.........And I Agree to: I understand that I am an Independent Contractor, not an employee, agent or partner of For Girls Only Parties and as such I am solely responsible for all taxes, licenses and permits required by all government agencies. I realize that I have an obligation to my paying customers to deliver their merchandise in the timely manner. If I do not fulfill this obligation, FGO parties has the right to discontinue doing business with me and insist that I no longer represent myself as a member of the trademarked company For Girls Only or Girls Night-Out Parties. I understand that legal action will be taken if I continue to use the company name after they had discontinue doing business with me.



What Does it Cost to Become a Adult Home Party Representative



What do YOU earn?   45% to 50%