Informative And Naughty Tales


My Mini Best Friend


I remember the first time I tried a bullet and believe me when I say I was all thumbs. But with time I got better just like everyone else does who wants to explore their clit with more than just the use of your hand.

Clit stimulation is awesome when done right, you can go solo meaning it just you and the bullet and the way you explore your clit to find those pleasure spots. You can find pleasure by putting on the head of your clit or placing on the side or top of the clit. I see going solo as a way of experimenting so you are able to know what you want during foreplay or during sex with your partner.

Who doesn’t like foreplay everyone love to start with the exploring of hand on each other bodies. Even with a curious partner you can make it very fun. The bullet is just use to add spice and heat to your foreplay that head you into what you both started foreplay for……sex. The use of a bullet during sex can bring moans to screams. Placing the bullet on your clit as your partner penetrate your vagina or place the bullet in the vagina as your partner penetrate you try the different speeds.

Now if you want to play with a bullet as you take a shower then please make sure you have a waterproof bullet.

Despite the size of the bullet it can bring you to your knees in climax when done right with a multi-speed bullet that you can choose the different levels of intensity.

By the way it is sometimes wise to play with your best friend before you go on a date with someone you just meet. You will find that you are less likely to sleep with them on the first date.



Need to know about a Vibrator

Pleasure is something that you should never be ashamed of because you are supposed to know your body as a woman is a must. What is your arousal area of intense desire and pleasure with the use of a vibrator in the right spot or spots that will bring you to an overwhelming orgasm. The first time you use a vibrator it will teach you a lot about your body.


What you like and don’t like. This way you are able to tell your partner how to pleasure you. Vibrators help free your mind and inhibition that is why you struggle with orgasm. The way you think plays a big part in you having the best orgasm in your life when you are by yourself or with your partner. Using a vibrator on your clit and on the outer opening of your vagina can be just as satisfying as the penetration of the vibrator in your vagina. Using this combo effect of the bullet on the clit and the vibrator playing on or in the vagina can be very overwhelming with pleasure.

I recommend everyone to own at least 3 or more different kinds of vibrators just to know what you like to play with. See them as your own personal toys for your very own playtime.


Pleasure of the Dildo

The way we seek pleasure always start on our mood and mindset, even with satisfying yourself is no different when you are trying to feel sexy and setting the mood with sexy music , candle light and door lock …unless you like the fact your mate will walk in. Don’t forget your lube if you are not wet or not wet enough in your vagina lube is needed. I always say free your mind and your body will follow. Never be afraid to experience to know what will bring you maximum pleasure.

Deep Thrusting will bring intense climax or pleasure. Make use the dildo is firm meaning does not bend. A soft dildo may not work. Now back to to deep thrusting you will take the dildo as deep as you are willing to take it in your vagina that brings those ways of overwhelming pleasure.

Hitting or Milking the G-spot may become a favorite. This climax comes from dragging the dildo across your g-spot back and forth without bring the dildo out. You will be able to cum multiple times once you get this technique down.


Short Rapid Strokes is when you don’t take the dildo all the way in your vagina and you stay near the entrance. Just so you know that is where very sensitive nerve ending are. You are able to grip the dildo better with this technique.

The Clit Fill-Up happens when you stimulate your clit and you a need for vagina stimulation. So you insert the dildo as you stimulate your clit. You can move the dildo or not. Some are able to find just as much pleasure with just the insert of the dildo as you stimulate the clit. Again this technique adds to the clit orgasm.

These 4 techniques can be use when you are laying down on your back or on your stomach. Even on your side and yes it can be done sitting down.

If you like to ride your partner you can also ride your dildo. Invest in the ones that comes with suction cups that you can stick to your shower wall, floor or your table. This give both your hands free to roam over your body.

As stated before you have to be open-minded and comfortable with your body. Remember your body will response differently to each technique and you can switch it up. The better you get you will be able to express to your partner what make you feel good.