Where Are All the Good Guys?


This advice is intended for women who would like to have a committed long term relationship leading to marriage. If this is you please read on and enjoy this article.

I am sitting in a coffee shop writing this blog. Each time I write, I think carefully of how I can help women overcome the anxiety of dating. Today, there was a 23-year-old waitress who served me and I asked what she would like to know about dating.


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Her response was: “WHERE ARE ALL THE GOOD GUYS…”


This got me thinking that there are good guys everywhere, but why is she finding it so hard to meet them?

We need to learn the difference between men and women and how to bring out the best in all guys that would like to have a committed relationship and how to recognize and remove the guys from our life that would like to have a short term relationship or a one night stand.

Girls, we don’t need to change the guys.

  • We don’t need to tell them what to do
  • We don’t need to tell them to treat us a certain way
  • We don’t need to tell them to treat us with respect
  • We don’t need to approach guys
  • We don’t need to text them or call them to remind them we are alive

There are lots of great guys out there who would love to ‘Court‘ a girl, however they don’t have to.

I know so many guys in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who have never taken a girl on an actual date. There has been ‘dinner‘ after they have been ‘dating‘ for a while but no booking a restaurant and picking up the girl up and driving her home. When I ask the guys why they have never ‘Courted’ a girl, their response is they haven’t had to the girls who have made it too easy for them.

We simply need to let the guy be the guy and initiate the contact.

If you are on Tinder: Let him message you first

If you are Online Dating: Let him message you first

Let them show you with their actions that they are interested in getting to know you. Sit back and wait for him to show you that he is interested in getting to know you as he is attracted to you. You want to make sure the guy isn’t dating you because you are making it easy for him.

A man will value what he has to work for and what he has to wait for.

Show the guy you have value by allowing him to be the man. Let him show you he is a GOOD GUY. Have the confidence that he will contact you if he is interested in having a relationship with you. Give the guy a chance to ask you out, take your time to get to know him and don’t rush into trying to control the relationship by initiating. All good things come to those who wait.

There are so many good guys everywhere, even on Tinder!!