The Top 5 Relationship Mistakes That Get In The Way Of Lasting Love

The Top 5 Relationship Mistakes That Get In The Way Of Lasting Love

By Carol Allen

Adult In home parties / desoto county msSometimes finding a relationship you know will last forever feels impossible.

When you’re struggling in love or have had your heart broken, it can be inspiring to turn to Vedic Astrology (the system of ancient India) for help.

We’ve all heard that astrology can reveal compatibility in love…

But the shocking truth is that if you don’t know what to do (or not do) to make love last, then even if you find your “perfect match” you’ll screw things up.

Learn the five critical and all-too-common mistakes that may be keeping you from a greater love life…

Mistake #1: You Think Compatibility is a Guarantee

bachelorette adult home parties / lauderdale county tnVedic Astrology is utterly amazing when it comes to the topic of compatibility (it’s been used for centuries by the Hindus to arrange marriages), but compatibility is simply not enough.


Because you can be wildly compatible with a man who isn’t a nice man.

If you don’t feel good around him, if you can’t talk and have him understand (or care) how you feel, if you don’t have a foundation of friendship and healthy mutual support…

Then you won’t be happy no matter how much he may “curl your toes” or make you laugh.

Mistake #2: You Don’t Read the Material

You must find a man that’s “relationship material.”

He must want a relationship, know how to have one and be available.

bachelorette in home parties / obion county tnRelationship-oriented men are obvious…

They’re usually in relationships!

They like women. They have close friends. They get along with their families and people at work.

Beware the man who has a difficult romantic history, few or no close friends, or doesn’t speak to his siblings or parents…

It will only be a matter of time before he’s not speaking to you either.

Amazingly, this can all be seen in his stars.

Mistake #3: You Rush Into Things

in home adult sex toy parties / desotoa county msVedic Astrology can reveal when you’re in a “season of love” and when you’re not.

And when you’re not, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, or how many men you meet — nothing will stick, even if it starts off well.

Just as flowers can’t grow when the ground is frozen, but effortlessly do so when the snow melts, there’s nothing you have to do once the conditions are right.

He’ll find you, and you’ll find him, and love will bloom.

Mistake #4: You Settle For Less

One of the biggest reasons couples break up is when one person wants children and the other doesn’t.

sex toy adult home parties / miami flOr, one wants to live in the city and the other one wants the country.

You have to be the kind of person he’s looking for, and he has to be the kind of person you’re looking for.

If you find yourself wanting to change the person he is now or the plans he has… you may want to take a step back and get clear on the kind of life you want and the kind of guy you’ll need to have that life.

Then, go find him — and resist all others.

Mistake #5: You Don’t Develop the Skills

Often, two good people get together and are happy for a while, but then one of them starts to harm or neglect the relationship.

They try to find the reason, “blaming the stars” for the latest breakup, or loss of closeness with their partner…

When usually they don’t understand how to communicate, set boundaries, or ask for what they want.

If and when they can learn and start doing what works, their relationship often improves over night, and they are able to get back that spark.

Learn to Navigate Love in the Stars

If you’ve made any of the mistakes above, you’re not alone.

Even if love is “in the stars,” you must learn the secrets of navigating the stars in order to find — and keep — your Mr. Right.

If a man used to seem like your dream man but now you’re not so sure, then your relationship skills may need an upgrade.

Don’t despair, you have the power to improve your love life no matter your stars… you just need to know how.

About the Author:

Carol Allen is a Vedic astrologer and relationship coach who has spent 20 years helping women achieve romantic fulfillment with men.

Carol has combined her training in Eastern philosophy with the most cutting-edge relationship research to offer a unique blend of practical, effective “real-world” advice with the best “out of this world” wisdom you need to make the most of your romantic destiny.

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