Magic Massage Kit Fetish Fantasy

Magic Massage Kit Fetish Fantasy
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The Fetish Fantasy Series Magic Massage Kit is either your introduction to sensation play or your best kept massage secret. Either way you look at it, you're going to enjoy the sexy and sometimes therapeutic sensations that arise with this set. The four piece Magic Massage comes with a Velcro applicator that is hand held. The applicator has an elastic band that is comfortable and fits most hand sizes. 

The three massage disks included with the Massage Kit will have your lover purring in no time. There's a soft rubber pad that is perfect for loosening your partner up. Next you'll want to apply the leather disk with the soft spikes - this can be used for a nice deep tissue massage or for some arousing sensation play. If this isn't enough, switch the leather spiked disk out for the feather soft furry pad. No matter how you go about it, the Magic Massage Kit will open a whole new world of delicious sensations.

* Tease and tickle your partner with a special massage pad
* 4-piece massage set features a hand-held velcro applicator
* 3-textured massage pads for different senastions
* Contains a soft rubber pad, a spiked leather disc, and a soft furry pad
* The 3 interchangeable pads attaches and detaches easily with velcro
* Mask included