Bendable Sex Wand

Bendable Sex Wand
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The flexible extension bends into any position, holding its shape as long as the user needs it to. With the Penthouse 7X Flexible Grip Massager users can have a new kind of naughty every time they use it with four textured attachments for interchangeable indiscretions. Pink gets a little less proper with easy Push-4-Play activation and seven forbidden functions of vibration and pulsation. This defiant delight is water resistant to let users get bad with bubbles.

* Hit the spot from any angle with an assortment of textures to satisfy every mood
* Flexible handle bends to hit the spot at the perfect angle
* Push 4 Play control with amazing 7X pulse/vibe variety
* Four attachments for a variety of sensations
* Water resistant for playtime in the tub

Uses 2 AA batteries (not included).