FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions...

Question: When will I receive my first box?

Answer: For MONTHLY subscriptions, you will see this option on the ordering page:

PLEASE CHOOSE: I want my first box sent:

For BIMONTHLY subscriptions, you will see this option on the ordering page:

PLEASE CHOOSE: I want my first box sent:

For QUARTERLY subscriptions, you will see this option on the ordering page:

PLEASE CHOOSE: I want my first box sent:


Question: When will I be charged?

Answer: For your first box, we charge your card immediately and we send your first box shortly thereafter as explained in the previous question.  For all following boxes, we charge your card a few days before your next box ships. So, if your next box will be shipping on July 15th, we charge your card on July 13th or July 14th.

Question: How are you different than other subscription box companies?

Answer: We are different in so many ways. Here are just a few...

  • We include a funny, but informative, video every month (YouTube link) of how to use the products. Some of these ways are quite unconventional! This is not porn. Nobody gets naked.  You don't have to watch it, but we think you'll enjoy it. 
  • We are a LOT less expensive than most other companies out there.
  • We give you more product and less packaging for your money.
  • We used to do Fun Parties (in home parties like Tupperware, but with different plastic!) so we’re experienced with the products and making people laugh.
  • We are completely female owned and operated.  We don't have anything against men, but we're proud that we built this business ourselves.

Question: How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

Answer: We hope you don't, but if you need to you have three easy options:

  • You can email us at Info@ForGirlsOnlyParties.com
  • You can call us at 901-386-6922
  • You can click here

Question: What will be in my box?

Answer: Well, if we told you, it wouldn't be much of a surprise, now would it?  Just know that you will definitely get your money's worth. The products in the box will be a combination of vibrators (insertable style and silver bullet style), lubricants, lotions, creams, games, light bondage, porn dvds, lingerie, sleeves, rings, dildos, back door fun, books, candles, and other romantic, sexy, exciting items. You can see what was in last month’s box by clicking here: Last Month’s Box

Question: Will my box have fancy packaging and decorations?

Answer: Nope. We'd rather give you better/more products than waste your money on expensive custom printed boxes that you are going to throw away anyway. If this really bothers you, there are other companies out there that will send you half the value of our products in a custom box for the same price.

Question: Is shipping discreet?

Answer: Yes. The box will be a USPS printed Priority Mail white cardboard box. The return address will be: FGO, 3956 Stonehill Dr., Bartlett, TN 38135.  Go ahead, Google it. You're safe.

Question: What if I don't like what's in my box?

Answer: We don't think that will happen, but if it does you have a few options...

  • If you haven't used them:
    • You can put the items you don't like into an adult's stocking at Christmas time. That's always fun to watch.  
    • You can give them to Goodwill. Poor people need excitement, too, ya know.  
    • You can find alternate uses for the items. Can you wisk your eggs with it, roll your feet on it, or beat an intruder with it?  
  • If you have used them:
    • You can sell them at a yard sale or on Craigslist as "like new". Just kidding. Yuck!
    • You can wait for next month’s box and have faith that it will be awesome!
    • You can cancel your subscription. We hope you don't, but it is an option.

Question: What if a product in my box doesn't work?

Answer: We only buy the best quality products so it is unlikely that it won't work. But, sometimes it happens. Just contact us and we will make it right. 

Question: What about batteries?

Answer: We only supply batteries for items that take watch size batteries.  If the product takes AA or AAA, you'll need to make sure you have those on hand.

Question: Why did you give me a YouTube link?

Answer: This is what makes us different than other sex toy subscription box companies. The link will take you to a funny presentation of all the products in your box that month. This is not porn. Nobody gets naked. It is meant to make you laugh while learning about the products and ways to use them that may not be obvious/conventional.

Question: What if I want to order more of a product that was in my box?

Answer: Easy! Call us or order it on our website. Click on the category Monthly Products in Previous Boxes to see all the items that were ever in our boxes. Please be aware that we occasionally run out of an item so get it while you can. Also, the liquids and creams in your box may have been sample sizes. The full size product will be listed and available for purchase in the Monthly Products in Previous Boxes category. The sample sizes may or may not be available for purchase.