Book Complete Guide to Sexual Positions

Complete Manuel of Sexual Positions
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• Over 150 Unique Sexual Positions in 17 Catagories
• Discover The Incredible G-Spot
• The Orchestration Of Sensual Foreplay
• Oral Lovemaking Techniques

‘The Complete Guide To Sexual Positions’ is a wonderfully informative and erotic book for lovers who are seeking more satisfying romance and greater sexual pleasure. Included in this 128 page, all-color guide to lovemaking is detailed information about Dressing and Undressing, Seduction, the Orchestration of Foreplay, how to strengthen The Orgasm (PC) Muscle, how to become an expert at Oral and Anal Sex and how a man can arouse his lover to experience the incredible G-Spot Orgasm™. Over 150 Sexual Positions in 17 categories are demonstrated in beautifully photographed images that show lovers how to achieve greater variety, deeper penetration and more stimulation of the clitoris. Discover the ‘plateau effect’ of building pleasure to achieve more powerful orgasms. Plus, easy-to-learn techniques for maintaining stronger erections and controlling ejaculation to enjoy extended orgasms. Also included are detailed ‘sexual anatomy’ diagrams, so you know exactly how to locate those special arousal points, and a comprehensive glossary of lovemaking terms that will teach lovers how to communicate with more success about their sexual desires and fantasies. This book features an erotic encyclopedia of fun and accessible information about sexuality that will enhance your pleasure whether you’ve just met, are newly wed or have been successfully together for years and want to keep your relationship romantic and sexual exciting. 128 Pgs.


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"The Complete Guide to Sexual Positions is a wonderful guide for couples who want to  take charge and improve their sex lives. It is user friendly and a great tool. Very beautifully and tastefully demonstrated and easy to understand."

Dr. Leah Schwartz, Ph.D.  
Author of 'The One Hour Orgasm' 

"One of the best book for finding the right position to achieve the vaginal orgasm known as the G-Spot Orgasm...all you need to know to make lovemaking a living art."

Ellen Nicolas Rathbone  
Author of 'Loving Sex: Every Woman's Guide to Sensual Sexuality'   

"Author Jessica Stewart has documented everything from erotic foot massages to anal sex...Stewart's approach is similar to that of The Joy of Sex."

ED Publications  
Publisher of 'Storerotica' Magazine  

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