Ben-Wa Balls Flower

Ben Wa Flower
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Ben-Wa Balls Two hand-blown glass balls with pretty inlaid flowers.  Red silk gift box for sidcreet storage Phthalate freethe.  World's first glass Ben Wa Balls.  These sexy little "marbles" are approximately 1 inch in diameter and have a multi-colored flower inside which makes it look three-dimensional.  To top it all off they rest comfortably on a bed of black velvet inside a beautiful red gift box.  Enhance intimacy and pleasure...Centuries ago women used pleasure balls to stimulate orgasms and they can also be used to tighten vaginal muscles with Kegel exercises.



A fun video description

You’ve no doubt heard that doing your kegels is your ticket to a more intense O—but who actually does kegels on a consistent basis? And if you are doing them, how do you know if you’re doing them right?

"Kegel exercises are so crucial for women to have good pelvic floor health"—but most women don’t do them (or don’t do them correctly), says Morse. Keeping those pelvic floor muscles strong can decrease the chances of urinary incontinence and other less-than-desirable private part, and just as importantly, it can heighten sensations during sex.

The fix? Try to start thinking about your vagina as another important muscle that needs your attention on a daily basis. Morse recommends beginning with exercises once a day for just five minutes. Simply clench the pee-stopping (pubococcygeus) muscles deep inside your vagina. Keep them tense and engaged for five to 10 seconds, then relax for five to 10 seconds. (So if you hold for seven seconds, take a break for seven seconds afterwards.) Start with shorter intervals, and build up until you can hold for 20 seconds.

As far as positioning goes, do whatever is comfortable and convenient for you (Morse notes that some women prefer lying down).

Once you've mastered doing kegels for five minutes once a day, start doing them twice a day for the same stretch of time. Morse says you should see—and feel—a difference in about three weeks.

These simple, unobtrusive exercises will strengthen and tone your vaginal muscles, which boosts your arousal both before and during sex, says Morse. The result? Many who practice kegels are able to climax in positions where they couldn't before, and some report being able to achieve multiple orgasms. Regularly exercising your vag will also help you more intense contractions during orgasm due to more blood being sent to your pelvic region.

Your partner will benefit, too: Kegels will help you get a better grip during intercourse so you can really hold tight onto your partner's penis.